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Wonderwall:: cover by vanipy05
Wonderwall:: cover

I like daydreaming that my comic would actually get published lol but I haven't even finished chapter 1 yet because of school so //sobs
But I'll be including this for chapter 1, not sure if I'll this is the final cover tho, but knowing me, I think I'll probably make another one.

So here's Seiji Matsumoto and Minori Shizuka. Those are their names that I've found really fitting for them. I'll release the (new) gist of the story soon when I'm almost done with the debut chapter :D
(once again I'll be uploading this on, so i'll be linking it to you guys! stay tuuuned!)
Kurain Genealogy by vanipy05
Kurain Genealogy
Now before I say anything, look at this picture while listening to the Gyakuten Meets Orchestra piece called Kurain Genealogy, here click this link… (LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING OMG ITS AMAZING, listen until the end, Maya sparkling would make sense)

ok, so have you listened to it? ok now let me explain:
I absolutely love the piece out of all the tracks (my top three favorites are Kurain Geneaology, Objection, and Apollo's theme) it's because it tells a story. It perfectly tells the story of the whole Fey plot. Everything was so dark and full of hate in the fey clan because of the competition for the Master title, then somewhere in the middle you start to hear Dahlia Hawthorne's theme, then by the end BOOM FEELS MAYA'S THEME STARTS TO PLAY and everything becomes light. Maya's generation as the Master ends all the dark age of the Fey clan. Mia became a lawyer to defend people like her mother who was wrongfully accused as a fake and didn't want to compete with her sister for the Master title. 

honestly this is the most thought out fan art I've ever done, but no really I just interpreted the song into a drawing. ahh so many feelings man

oh yes and I put every possible Kurain-related item in here, like the Shichishito, the psyche-locks, the magatama and the feys themselves. You couldn't get any Fey-centric than this.
The Great Ace Attorney by vanipy05
The Great Ace Attorney
I am SO excited for the new game. A lot of people are worrying because of the extreme changes but I'm not because A.) Shu Takumi is taking over again. His plot writing skills are A+++++ and B.) I absolutely love old Japanese culture and kimonos and omg look huhu gee thanks Chihayafuru

And I love how the protags look! Phoenix's ancestor looks really good and looks young woot haha and the assistant looks like a sweet heart omg kill me now

so heeyyy now it's clearly japanese time for some cherry blossoms heyyy
The Bringer of Revolution by vanipy05
The Bringer of Revolution
Athena Cykes fan art! I was able to finish Dual Destinies!
I've got to admit, in terms of difficulty, the game was a lot easier compared to the first 4 games I didn't use strategy wiki once!!! oh my god It took some time for me to think why, I thought I got a lot smarter but then I also realized oh right DD has a different director so hm I guess I didn't get smarter after all.


Anyways, Athena! the bumbling ball of joy Athena. I kept seeing her around, at first, I thought I wouldn't like her meh but she did tho. she's adorable. I also like her sprite animations woww
Wonderwall:: confess (teaser panel) by vanipy05
Wonderwall:: confess (teaser panel)
I have put this comic off for so long but I have good it's not finished yet...I just recently started working on it again amidst all of the commissions, school works and other additional art stuff. I redid the first chapter actually because my art 6 months ago was horrible on this one.

Also I redid the plot a little and worked a lot more on the story. And I can say I'm excited by my own story!! haha! their relationship started to make a lot of sense and meaning after a lot of tweaks. 

Plus, I have finally discovered a free website to post the chapters online for viewing~ and it's called and I'm going to be posting it there and will link it to you guys!

I'm not sure if I should post the plot already? I think it's better to experience the twists when reading it HAHA (unless you ask for it tho hihi) please look forward to it! (again, I said that 6 months ago omg) I hope you guys will read it! :D
Hello guys! I am currently in need of some money and I just recently acquired a paypal account. so I decided I could use some extra cash TT3TT

I should lay down what I can and cannot do:
*OCs = yes
*Fanart = yes
> fanart can range from disney, anime, to dramas, movies or anything.
*any two of the above with backgrounds = yes
*smut/porn =

please message me if you are interested! 

for OCs/fanart with no backgrounds expect something like these:………

with backgrounds maybe something like these:………
(those two are published content so yes sorry I just took a picture of those with my phone)

Payment through paypal! If you are interested, please comment! then message me so that we can work out the details.

Thank you~


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