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I've recently opened up commissions on my tumblr and so i'm letting you guys here know! Here's a sample of my latest works and the price table!

message me if you're interested! thank you very much!
so as you guys have noticed, I havent really been active here anymore~ because im mostly on tumblr now!!
follow me there for all my art because i've done a lot there seriously~

I've been so inactive here that I'm surprised that someone still tagged for these kinds of things. tagged by :iconoakevolution:
I'm escaping responsibilities right now so I guess this will be fun.

1. What is your favorite film of all time?
Asking me what my favorite film is is like asking what my favorite song is :C This is giving me a headache.

2. If you could have any one wish granted in the next 5 minutes, what would it be?
What I want more than anything right now is the localization announcement of Dai Gyakuten Saiban tbh. I need that game so bad, Capcom hear me out.

3. Can you describe what a perfect day would be to you?
If the day ended with me walking home with a smile in my face then it's probably a perfect day. (or you know, if localization announcement happened then it's a perfect day too.)

4. How many times have you been to Disneyland/World/Paris/Tokyo, if at all?
I've been to Hong Kong Disneyland! So only once.

5. Do you watch anime? If so, what is your favorite series?
I do watch Anime, Yes. My favorite series is probably Chihayafuru. It's one of my favorites, and I hope it's going to get a season 3 soon!

6. What made you decide to post your art on dA?
I first joined Deviantart 7 years ago. I was in the 5th grade back then, and I started learning digital art. I only had one friend to share my art to and she suggested I should join Deviantart so that more people would see my art. 

7. Is there a film/TV show/anime/book series that you love whose fandom is bothersome/too exclusive?
I don't think I haven't been in a fandom that is "too exclusive" but I know a lot that are bothersome. Some are just plain obnoxious really. I don't want to name names tho. but hm yeah.

8. Would you rather go a month without eating any kind of candy or go a month without eating anything savory (meat/pizza/salty foods, etc?)

9. Who is your favorite visual artist (not music or film artist)?
I absolutely love how :iconrosuuri: plays with light in her drawings. I love how Yamamori Mika (Hirunaka no Ryuusei mangaka) draws her characters. I love how :iconloish: paints. I love how Glen Keane animates. 

10. What would you do and where would you go if you could be transported to your favorite fictional world for just one day?
This is a childhood dream, but it would still be really cool to be transported to the pokemon world. I'm going to be a trainer and my pokemon would be an Eevee and oh my goodness, it's been more than 10 years but this would still be the dream.

(im too lazy to tag anyone or think of questions D: )
Hello guys! I am currently in need of some money and I just recently acquired a paypal account. so I decided I could use some extra cash TT3TT

I should lay down what I can and cannot do:
*OCs = yes
*Fanart = yes
> fanart can range from disney, anime, to dramas, movies or anything.
*any two of the above with backgrounds = yes
*smut/porn =

please message me if you are interested! 

for OCs/fanart with no backgrounds expect something like these:………

with backgrounds maybe something like these:………
(those two are published content so yes sorry I just took a picture of those with my phone)

Payment through paypal! If you are interested, please comment! then message me so that we can work out the details.

Thank you~
I have this disgustingly shoujo story in my head that I desperately want to draw. I already have started on the characters and the gist of the story.

If i draw this out, will you guys read iiit? This is a first time for me too. I'm going to draw it in all manga glory, although I'm not japanese ;w; it's going to be anime-ized too but people say what I draw anime still looks Disney so idk.

So yes, so much inspiration. But its just a slice of life shoujo. Nothing serious of a story. Just normal highschool themed story.

So yeh will u guys be ok with that?

yey! it seems alright for you guys If I do it. Also, I may submit it in ZIP files for each chapter. it seems annoying for my gallery to be filled with individual pages of the same chapter so yes, I'll ZIP it. I'll make sure the art will be worth downloading ;w; thanks guys! I'll be doing my best!

I will take Animation.
It will literally be a dream come true. and I hope I passed the exam. oh god. It's going to be so fun.
Anyways yeah, so guys I'm still alive. My last journal entry was over a year ago. Thank you to my watchers who have stuck with me for the longest time and to my new watchers for devwatching me in the first place :3

Meanwhile, I'm fighting off the urge to watch the new Hetalia episode hdueislhdussz no subs yetthepaaaaiiin
Oh yes! and I'm reminding you guys again that I have a tumblr. the reason why I haven't been uploading here much because most of my personal sketches are there. So please do come by!
just got home from watching The Amazing Spider-man.
t'was amazing :D
That feel when Spieling Peter reblogged your drawing that you made especially for him and his bride-to-be.
I'm really creeped out with myself because I'm so happy about it. It's like bieber girls shaking and sobbing about a concert. oh god why.
so you guys, i've been watching Doctor Who.

I'm stuck in season 5 because I have such slow internet connection in where I am so my torrent for season 6 is on hold.
I started with season 5 but now i'm so eager in finishing 6 so I can watch Doctors 9 and 10.


Expect some fan art soon.
Well, I didn't really get to watch it last year, since it was a really busy time for me. I was hoping to watch it in the cinemas, but unfortunately I was too late. So just recently I decided to torrent it, and it just finished. Alright.

As to continue my ritual, After every twilight movie, I always post a review. Yes, I'm still continuing it. Luckily, there isn't any fan girling to make my review biased but only respect. So yeah.

* Well first off, the first parts of the movie, were awkward. Maybe it's just KStew and Rpattz that makes the whole scene awkward which may have answered my question as to why it feels quite different from the book. Although I DO appreciated the fact that they put in "Bella's lullaby" as a soundtrack in the movie. I'm quite fond of that song actually.

* Next. and this is probably the most painful of all. Why is there no Tanya  lovin'. WHY. WHY. They didn't even show how nervous Bella was in meeting Tanya. Tanya practically had a history with Edward. SHE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ATLEAST TWO LINES. oh and I spot Stephenie Meyer in the wedding scene. Holla!

* The soundtrack for the movie is gorgeous, yes.

* It really showed Charlie and Bella's relationship well. I have to admit it got me a little teary-eyed watching Charlie say goodbye to his daughter.

* The movie picks up great from the whole after marriage thing. Lines straight from the book too. huh. expect no less from a franchise who want the movie to be exactly like the book!

* I'll have to be honest, i'm really sorry for what i'm about to say... but the whole wolf confrontation scene, with the dubbed voices as their thoughts...while the scene was great, the whole thing felt like a disney movie to me :XD: I'm not sure, I don't know why.

* Seth is as adorable as ever. One of my favorite characters. Booboo stewart delivers.

* I must say though, they really did make Bella look horrible during pregnancy. It really did creep me out. good job make-up crew.

* I'm really glad they didn't take much emphasis on the whole jacob's-point-of-view part in the book. just some parts that are essential.

* Let me just say, that in the book, one of the grossest thing ever to be written (don't take this the wrong way) was the birth scene. Now imagine that being on-screen. double gross. oh god that was gross. gross. gross. good.

* the imprint scene. so powerful. although did the teenage Renesmee have a wig on? because that was such a terrible wig.

* Kstew did look beautiful after her transformation. not sure where the make up came from though :XD:

And there ends my review. And yes, Aro is still as britishly adorable as ever in the credits scene. I'm looking forward to part 2 and how they'll portray the next events. Mostly i'm excited about Renesmee, but eh.
"Gasp! omg did you just say Twilight? You haven't uttered that word since forevah! gfyudskhjcnskjashdj!!!!!1!1ONE!!!"

blarg I know XD and to my new watchers, yeah, I started out as a Twilight fan. You should see my Twilight comics. :XD:

anyways, Even though i'm not a fan anymore, I have this fan art that's in my faves for a while. It's one of my faves. Here: by raul-guerra

Not just that piece, really. Look at his gallery! It looks awesome. He has TALENT.  I mean how can THIS:… only have 9 faves?! BLASPHEMY.

He doesn't seem to mind, but I really do think it's sad. I'm sure he's succesful of his art in the real world, his job maybe. But here in deviantart...seriously. check him out.

Look see, I just promoted somebody. I usually don't do that. But If I do, then it's probably a good one.
So, I probably won't watch it in livestream because i probably won't enjoy it. So yeah. That means i'll wait a little bit more. Fellow fans, please please please if someone knows a torrent (if there isn't a torrent, i guess a download link will do; but i usually take a torrent to be safe) please give me a link  immediately!

guys. this is serious. this is serious business.

It's a matter of life and death.

just joking.

not really.

err, all joking aside, once again if you know a download link (or a torrent.) please tell me! :D

I will love you forever.

Oh right, Happy New Sherlock year!
Finally had the time to watch the first episode.  UGH. AMAZING. I was thinking about watching it for a long time now, but Kiorage convinced me to watch it right away. It's awesome. I approve demmit.

Although towards the end I just realized why the episode was called "A study in pink". Just realized that it also serves as a reference to "A study in scarlet". ha-ha... I'm slow sorry.
Although the whole time whenever Sherlock just explains his deuctions i just had my jaw hanging. Same reaction when i tried reading one of the books. :XD:

woohoo. yeah, that's all. I just thought of updating my journal. since my last journal was about my birthday... and that was 6 months ago. :|

Although before jumping the bandwagon, I already knew that the fandom would include shippings of teh SherlockXJohn.. uhh yeah not interested XD I'm just here to watch the mystery, humor and all of Sherlock's awesomness.
had a fun day! No fancy food, but all who greeted me for my birthday made me feel i already had a fancy birthday party! thank you!
WELL NOT ME. It has been 24 hours since i have heard the news and I am STILL spazzing about it.

What news you ask?
The people following me on tumblr must have heard of this already because I was super duper excited about it but... in Spring 2012, Rapunzel and Flynn are gonna get married!

Here read it for yourselves:
"It all starts this fall when Rapunzel will be officially welcomed into the Disney Princess Royal Court in a special global celebration that will reach millions of girls around the world. In spring 2012, girls will finally see Rapunzel marry her true love Flynn Rider in a short-form Disney animation special set to air on Disney Channel."

Why yes, it is a royal wedding folks. I gotta say i'm more excited about this royal wedding than William and Kate's :XD: It's gonna premiere on Disney Channel. I don't know if Disney channel asia is gonna show it, because as i remember they hardly showed any Tangled teasers. DC asia just showed Tangled trailers when the release was nearing. :|

Hopefully, the internetz would be kind enough to upload it.
Although i remember when Nathan Greno and Byron Howard first mentioned the short, they said it's only gonna be 6 minutes short. Hopefully they'd extend it a little? idk.
Oh yeah, and then soon after the wedding, Rapunzel will be officially part of the Disney princess line up. Not that she wasn't before, but i think they're gonna do the same thing with Tiana back in 2009.

hm. yeah that's it. So, who's excited to see Flynn in a wedding suit? :lol:
...are as much fun as looking through my old artwork :XD:
I'm even surprised you guys comment on my journals too, it makes it twice as much fun.
...and by saying "my journals are fun" i mean pointless. :XD: hahaha
and also, it's amusing to see that it's already, what month is it, May? and i've only made one journal entry (plus this one) in 2011.

I'm reading through the time i went and saw Eclipse, doubting myself because i felt like people only liked me for my Twilight stuff, Asking you guys what Paranormal activity is like because i'm too much of a chicken to watch it, I'm even surprised to see that i made a rant about Disney and their sequels BWAHAHA
oh my goodness, this is good stuff :lmao:

alrighty then, anyone watched the Royal Wedding? you did? didn't? don't answer that. I can't think of any small talk right now. -_-
*rhetorical question*
uh WOW. A journal entry? That's a surprise, ain't it?

I didn't even greet you guys a Happy New Year or Happy Valentine's day! :(
Stupid Tumblr promotion entry! follow me! :XD: www.wonderfulworldofme.tumblr.…
And woah, i now just see the new layout of these journal entries :3

Aaanyways. I've been looking at my gallery. It's fun to look at your own works from the past, but also terrifying. O.O I see all my Twilight fan art! I remember the times when i was still going gaga over Twilight :| Well, now that i've been drawing Disney stuff, i'm guessing i have a mix of watchers of Twilight fans and Disney fans. So for the Twilight fans: I'm so sorry that i haven't been doing my Twilight comics anymore! :< I didn't even get to try out that "Grown up Renesmee" design that i have planned out. And I'm afraid it's all going to end soon. What with Breaking Dawn the movie is almost here. (um, well kinda) And I think Rob and Kristen would finally have a break :XD: I feel like i'm going to be mobbed with pitchforks and torches
And to the Disney fans (i'm guessing Tangled/Toy story fans too!): It's so nice that i'm going back to where i started. :XD: I now just get to appreciate my childhood. And thanks to Disney, i think i have my dream set out! So, i can't wait for what Disney has to give in the future! And also for making Mandy Moore a Disney princess! I loved her in "A walk to remember" :D

Which makes me wonder though. What happened to my watchers who'r Pokemon fans? They are some of my very first watchers! Where are youuuu?? I want to hug you and tell you thank you because you were the ones who motivated me from the start! ...but i'm guessing they unwatched me already :XD: ....I miss the old pokemon TT_TT
hey! shameless promotion buuut...

I just recently started using my tumblr account (which i made 7 months ago, but didn't touch it since) and i'll be posting some of my work there that i might not post here on deviantart. (i do that all the time on my facebook)
once you see something there, you could tell me if you want that specific piece to be uploaded on my account here

they're mostly, Disney fan art. or some random doodles. stuff that my account here got enough of :XD:
so to tumblr users there, i could really use some friends there! whattya say? =P <-- mah tumblr :P
I was with my sister and it was in the middle of the night. She had A LOT of movies in her laptop, so i suggested to watch a movie, tearjerker. (we always watch tearjerking movies)

So here's a list i came up of tearjerker movies that had me bawling my eyes out: (spoilers may be included) I'm gonna provide wikipedia links for the movies in case you guys don't understand my explanations :XD:

Hachiko: a dog's tale…
•Perhaps you've heard me yapping about this one. A (true) story about a man and his dog's (Hachiko)loyalty. Everyday that dog would go and wait for his master's return from work. One unfateful day, his master encounters a stroke while at work, and dies. Hachiko, unaware of his master's passing, continues to wait at the same spot to greet his master from work. Incredibly, Hachiko's wait continued for 9 years.
*had me crying throughout the whole movie*

Marley and Me…
•Another dog movie. about a married couple that adopted an adorable puppy. a very bratty puppy, in fact. possibly the worst dog ever. but when years pass and Marley grows old, Marley encounters a sickness and well...dies. The family heart-broken, learns valuable lessons from Marley
(Bad summary plot, i know. just watch the movie :XD: )

A Walk to remember…
•Based from Nicholas Sparks's novel. a story about a bad boy named Landon Carter (Shane West), and a christian, outcast named Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore, who is also the voice of Rapunzel *Yay!* lol ) fall in love.
They ignore what people think about they're relationship and just continue to be perfectly in love (oh hoorah). but then *GASP* Landon discovers Jamie has leukemia! *oh no!* ... i'm just gonna end it to that, srsly, watch it.

A Moment to remember…
•No, it's not a rip-off of A walk to remember. and also it's a korean movie. BUT IT GOT ME CRYING! srsly. It's about a girl (i don't remember their names, cuz i can't pronounce them) who is introduced as very very forgetful, and a very scruffy guy that is a carpenter (later, Architect) who works for  her dad. Let's just say the two fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after.
Remember, she's forgetful? well, her forgetfulness became very serious as the movie goes on. She starts to forget the stove, streets, and even his husband's name :( Later, She discovers she has Alzheimer's disease. She hides it from her husband at first, but he eventually finds out. Now he has to stand by her side and... umm i can't think of any inspirational words XD

P.S I love you…
• (starring Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank). anyways, a movie about a married couple that was introduced as having a couples' fight, but quickly made up after. you can see that the two loved each other very much. But then Gerry ( Gerry-Gerard) died of brain tumor. Holly (Hilary...LOL! Holly-Hilary. Cant the scriptwriter think of ANY names at all?!) is very depressed about the whole thing, turning her..well, a depressed woman. locking herself in her apartment, getting all drunk. Her 30th birthday comes, and she's still in her apartment. Her family and friend rally to her apartment and celebrate. Suddenly a cake was sent to her, it was from Gerry *GASP* and a tape recording, telling her a happy birthday and telling her that he will be sending her a letter everyday. These letters tell Holly in moving on and celebrating herself. yada yada. :XD: just click the link

Additional movies: (cuz i can't make plot summaries anymore haha)
•Everybody's fine

I love tear jerker movies. it brings out your soft side :)…

When it comes to official twilight news there are two sites i go to: The Lion_lamb livejournal and aaand just now they have reported that Stephenie Meyer confirms Mackenzie Foy (the little cutie patootie that i mentioned two deviations back) will be playing Renesmee!

Now i'm excited again! woohoo! Best wishes to Mackenzie!
Can you imagine? We finally have a face for renesmee! Best part is she is the exact renesmee that i pictured in my head (except a little younger)

but still :D